DIRECTOR Eric Raine     |     PRODUCER - EDITOR Brendan Davis


PRODUCER Scott Perlman     |     SOUND – COMPOSER Nick Lashley


ANIMATOR Ryan DeCarlo     |     COLORIST Ryan K. McNeal


Hot and spicy food is enjoyed around the world, but for some people, ultrahot peppers are more than a flavor profile, they are an obsessive passion. Join filmmaker Eric Raine as he travels alone with 2 Sony NEX6 cameras in his backpack across 3 continents to talk with the leading farmers, scientists, and food alchemists as well as the community of devoted "chileheads" who are using peppers in countless ways, from spicing up a bowl of chili to the point of euphoric pain, exploring capsaicin's role in cancer research, and beyond. Raine seeks answers to these and other burning questions as he introduces you to the wide, weird and uniquely wonderful world of #crazyhot chiles.




….the movie looks to be amazing and one of the most complete on the topic of

super hot chilli peppers that are consumed, barfed up, praised and cussed at



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Chili peppers as a topic certainly have some appeal - locally, and as a beloved

American food ingredient. This doc captures some of cultural variety, from chillies

that were brought here from China, Mexico, India, etc., along with their growers,

sellers, enthusiasts.